ENGAGE KTN #TC3 4th Workshop

On September 9th, Engage KTN will hold the 4th Workshop of Thematic challenge 3 – Efficient provision and use of meteorological information in ATM. This edition will explore the MET&ENV topics requiring future research, development or community collaboration. The workshop will start with the panel discussing the MET&ENV topics requiring future developments from the scientific or … More ENGAGE KTN #TC3 4th Workshop

Use cases

In order to showcase the concept and the method that are being developed within FMP-Met project, we have selected four representative days that feature different convective activity in the Austrian Airspace. Check the videos below!

Paper Published

Paper entitled “Robust Flight Planning Impact Assessment Considering Convective Phenomena” recently published #Transportation #Research Part C Elsevier by JavierGarcía-Heras, ManuelSoler, DanielGonzález-Arribas, KurtEschbache, Carl-HerbertRokitansky, DanielSacher, UlrikeGelhard, JürgenLang, ThomasHauf, JuanSimarro, AlfonsoValenzuela, AntonioFranco and DamiánRivas This paper includes some of the results of project TBO-Met (former project on which FMP-Met is building up) Here is a personalized URL … More Paper Published

FMP-Met participating at ER & IR Met and Env workshop

FMP-Met is participating at ER & IR Met and Env workshop on Oct- 1st, bringing toghether SESAR IR and ER projects. The agenda was as follows: Welcome (SJU) 09h30 – 09h40 (10′) Solutions 29.2&29.3 (ECTRL) 09h40 – 10h10 (30′) FlyATM4E (DLR) 10h10 – 10h40 (30′) FMPMET (USE) 10h40 – 11h10 (30′) Chat sessions (2 in … More FMP-Met participating at ER & IR Met and Env workshop