Communication Activities

Completed activities

SESAR Innovation Days 2020Poster and Video
SESAR  ER & IR Met and Env workshop 2020FMP-Met participating at ER & IR Met and Env workshop
SESAR eNewsFMP-Met @ SESAR e-news

Intended activities

NumberCommunication activityDate
CA1Participation at each SESAR Innovation Days with a poster describing the status of the project.T0+06 (31/10/2020)
T0+18 (31/10/2021)
T0+30 (31/10/2022)
CA2Participation at SESAR Innovation Days with scientific papers showing the progress of the project.T0+18 (31/10/2021)
T0+30 (31/10/2022)
CA3Publication of papers in scientific journals: Transportation Science, Transportation Research, Journal of Air Traffic Management, Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics2020 and 2021
CA4Participation and presentation at scientific conferences: International Conference on Research Air Transportation (ICRAT) and USA/Europe ATM Seminar.T0+13 (31/05/2020)
T0+25 (31/05/2021)
CA5Organisation of a dedicated workshop to present the project’s results. This workshop will be organized by UC3M by the end of the project.T0+30 (31/10/2022)
CA6After the workshop, publication of FMP-MET press describing the major outcomes of the projectT0+30 (31/10/2022)
CA7Creation of FMP-MET website ( (31/05/2020)
CA8Social Media (Twitter, Linked-In, Research Gate)T0+01 (31/05/2020)
CA9UC3M outreach news1 after KoM
1 at the end of the project
CA10SESAR outreach news (newsletter)1 after KoM
1 at the end of the project
List of intended communication activities


Paper Published

Paper entitled “Robust Flight Planning Impact Assessment Considering Convective Phenomena” recently published #Transportation #Research Part C Elsevier by JavierGarcía-Heras, ManuelSoler, DanielGonzález-Arribas, KurtEschbache, Carl-HerbertRokitansky, DanielSacher, UlrikeGelhard, JürgenLang, ThomasHauf, JuanSimarro, AlfonsoValenzuela, AntonioFranco and DamiánRivas This paper includes some of the results of project TBO-Met (former project on which FMP-Met is building up) Here is a personalized URL … More Paper Published

FMP-Met at SIDs’20

Check the video teaser we presented at SIDs’2020 and download our poster

FMP-Met Steering Board Meeting

On Nov. 10th, FMP-Met had its first Steering Board Committe to review the status of the project after the first 6 months

FMP-Met @ SESAR e-news

Check SESAR e-News July issue: ‣ Rain or shine? Improving weather forecasting in air traffic management