ENV and MET SESAR exploratory research projects: key findings and solutions workshop

On the 6th of July 2022, the H2020-SESAR-2019-2 projects are meeting in a workshop in Naples to present the results achieved after almost two years of activity. We will have the opportunity to share the experience gained in the FPM-Met project and exchange views with other projects to make new initiatives happen.

In session 1 SESAR environmental-meteorological projects will present key findings on how to achieve a more sustainable aviation and a resilient ATM system to meet the next climate challenges.

In session 2 all projects will discuss about the future of aviation regarding air quality and meteorological management. Later we will create a document that will summarize the lessons learnt.


SESSION 1 – 9:00-13:15

9:00-9:15 Welcome and opening session

The MET/ENV SESAR projects: key findings and solutions

9:15-9:40: CREATE – Innovative operations and climate and weather models to improve ATM resilience and reduce impacts

9:40-10:05: FlyATM4E – Flying Air Traffic Management for the benefit of environment and climate

10:05-10:30: ALARM – multi-hAzard monitoring and earLy wARning systeM

10:30-10:50: Q/A session on CREATE, FlyATM4E and ALARM projects

10:50-11:05 Coffee break

11:05-11:30: ISOBAR – Artificial Intelligence Solutions to Meteo-Based DCB Imbalances for Network Operations Planning

11:30-11:55: FMP-Met – Meteorological uncertainty management for Flow Management Positions

11:55-12:20: SINOPTICA – Satellite-borne and IN-situ Observations to Predict The Initiation of Convection for ATM

12:20-12:45: DYNCAT – Dynamic Configuration Adjustment in the TMA

12:45-13:15: Q/A session on ISOBAR, FMPMET, SINOPTICA and DYNCAT projects

13:15-14:30 Lunch break

SESSION 2 – 14:30-16:00

Roundtable on synergies and exploitation. The MET/ENV SESAR projects: lessons learned and future perspectives

Do not miss the opportunity to attend!

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